Spiritual Benefits Of Myrrh

Myrrh is a special sap that comes from certain trees. It is sticky and thick like honey. The trees that make myrrh grow in places far away, like Africa and the Middle East. These places are very hot and dry.

People have known about myrrh for a very long time. They have used it for thousands and thousands of years. That is a really long time!

The trees that make myrrh are called Commiphora trees. When people cut the bark of these trees, the sap comes out. The sap is called resin. The resin is the myrrh. It starts out soft and sticky, but then it gets hard like a rock.

Myrrh has a very strong smell. Some people think it smells sweet and nice. Other people think it smells a little bit like medicine. When people burn myrrh, the smell goes into the air like smoke.

People use myrrh in many ways. They burn it to make their houses smell nice. They also use it to make perfume and medicine. But one of the most important ways people use myrrh is for spiritual things.

For a very long time, people have thought that myrrh is a special and holy thing. They use it when they pray or do religious things. They believe that myrrh can help them feel closer to God or to the spirit world.

Myrrh’s Long History of Spiritual Use

Myrrh has been used for spiritual things for a very, very long time. People who lived a long time ago, called the Ancient Egyptians, used myrrh a lot.

Ancient Egyptians and Myrrh

  • The Ancient Egyptians lived in Egypt thousands of years ago.
  • They used myrrh when they worshipped their gods.
  • They also used myrrh when they buried people who died.
  • They put myrrh on the bodies to help keep them from rotting.

Myrrh in the Bible

  • The Bible is a very old and important book for many people.
  • In the Bible, there is a story about when Jesus was born.
  • Three wise men came to see baby Jesus.
  • They brought him special gifts, and one of these gifts was myrrh.
  • This shows that myrrh was very special and important.

Myrrh in Other Cultures

  • Many other groups of people also think myrrh is special.
  • They burn myrrh to make smoke when they do spiritual things.
  • They do this all over the world, in many different places.
  • They have been doing this for a very long time.
  • It is a very old and important part of their religions and beliefs.

How Myrrh Helps with Meditation and Prayer

Myrrh can be very helpful when people want to meditate or pray. Meditation and prayer are when people sit quietly and think about their thoughts and feelings.

The Sweet Smell of Myrrh

  • When people burn myrrh, it makes a sweet smell.
  • This smell can help people feel calm and peaceful.
  • It can help them focus their minds on their thoughts.
  • When people are calm and focused, it is easier for them to meditate or pray.

Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere

  • Burning myrrh can make a room feel very peaceful and quiet.
  • This is because the smell is so nice and calming.
  • When a room feels peaceful, it is easier for people to relax and think about spiritual things.
  • They can forget about the busy world outside and focus on their inner thoughts and feelings.

Connecting with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides

  • Some people believe that myrrh can help them connect with their higher self.
  • The higher self is the part of a person that is wise and knows what is right.
  • People also believe that myrrh can help them connect with spirit guides.
  • Spirit guides are like invisible friends who help and protect people.
  • When people meditate or pray with myrrh, they feel like they can talk to their higher self and spirit guides more easily.
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Using Myrrh for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Myrrh can also be used to help people feel better when they are sad or upset. It can help heal their hearts and spirits.

Releasing Fears and Painful Experiences

  • Sometimes, people feel scared or hurt because of bad things that happened to them.
  • These feelings can get stuck inside and make people feel bad for a long time.
  • Myrrh essential oil, which is made from myrrh sap, can help people let go of these bad feelings.
  • When they smell myrrh oil, it can help them feel brave and strong.
  • It can help them remember that they are safe now and that they can let go of the bad things that happened.

Encouraging Self-Love, Trust, and Acceptance

  • Myrrh can also help people love and trust themselves more.
  • Sometimes, people feel like they are not good enough or like they can’t trust their own feelings.
  • When they use myrrh, it can help them remember that they are good and important.
  • It can help them accept themselves just as they are.
  • This can make them feel happier and more peaceful inside.

The Soothing and Uplifting Scent of Myrrh

  • The smell of myrrh is very special.
  • It is sweet and warm, like a hug from someone who loves you.
  • When people smell myrrh, it can make them feel calm and happy.
  • It can help them forget about their worries and feel more hopeful.
  • This can be very helpful when people are feeling sad or scared.

Myrrh and the Chakra Energy System

Some people believe that we have special energy centers in our bodies called chakras. They think that myrrh can help these energy centers work better.

What are Chakras?

  • Chakras are like tiny wheels of energy inside our bodies.
  • There are seven main chakras, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head.
  • Each chakra is connected to different parts of our body and different feelings.
  • When our chakras are healthy and balanced, we feel good and happy.
  • But when they are blocked or not working well, we can feel sick or sad.

Myrrh and the Heart Chakra

  • The heart chakra is in the middle of the chest.
  • It is connected to love, kindness, and forgiveness.
  • Myrrh is very helpful for the heart chakra.
  • It can help open and balance this energy center.
  • When the heart chakra is open, we can love ourselves and others more easily.

Myrrh and the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • The solar plexus chakra is above the belly button.
  • It is connected to confidence, courage, and self-esteem.
  • Myrrh can also help balance this chakra.
  • It can help us feel strong and brave.
  • When this chakra is working well, we trust ourselves and feel good about who we are.

Connecting to the Divine with Myrrh

  • When our chakras are balanced, it is easier to connect with the divine.
  • The divine is like God or the universe or the power that makes everything work.
  • Myrrh can help us feel closer to this power.
  • It can help us remember that we are all connected and that we are all part of something bigger.
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Burning Myrrh for Spiritual Protection and Cleansing

Many people burn myrrh to help protect them from bad energy and to make their spaces feel clean and safe.

Clearing Away Negative Energy

  • Sometimes, places or people can feel like they have bad or heavy energy.
  • This energy can make us feel tired, sad, or scared.
  • Burning myrrh can help get rid of this bad energy.
  • The smoke from the myrrh can clear the air and make the space feel lighter and happier.
  • Many people like to burn myrrh when they move into a new house or after they have had an argument with someone.

Offering Spiritual Protection

  • Myrrh can also help protect us from bad spirits or energies.
  • Some people believe that there are invisible beings that can cause trouble or harm.
  • Burning myrrh can create a shield of good energy around us.
  • This shield can keep the bad spirits away and keep us safe.
  • Many people burn myrrh when they feel like they need extra protection, like when they are going on a trip or starting a new job.

Purifying Spaces and Objects

  • Myrrh smoke can also make things feel clean and pure.
  • It can clear away any old or stale energy that might be stuck in a room or an object.
  • This is why many people burn myrrh in their homes, offices, or sacred spaces.
  • They also use myrrh smoke to cleanse their spiritual tools, like crystals or tarot cards.
  • This helps keep everything feeling fresh and ready for use.

Using Myrrh in Exorcisms

  • In some cases, people might feel like a place or a person is being bothered by a very bad spirit.
  • This is called possession, and it can be very scary.
  • In these situations, people might do a special ceremony called an exorcism to make the bad spirit go away.
  • Burning myrrh is often a part of these ceremonies.
  • The strong, holy smell of the myrrh can help drive away the bad spirit and make the person or place feel safe again.

Myrrh’s Role in Religious Ceremonies and Rites

Myrrh is used in many different religious ceremonies and special spiritual events. It has a long history of being an important part of how people worship and connect with the divine.

Myrrh in Christian Services

  • Christians are people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • In some Christian churches, they burn myrrh during special services.
  • The sweet smell of the myrrh helps create a holy and sacred feeling in the church.
  • It reminds people that they are in a special place to connect with God.
  • Burning myrrh is a way to honor and celebrate the divine.

Myrrh Anointing Oil

  • Anointing oil is a special oil that is used to bless people or things.
  • In many Christian traditions, myrrh is a key ingredient in this holy oil.
  • The oil is usually put on a person’s forehead in the shape of a cross.
  • This is a way to dedicate the person to God and to ask for God’s blessing and protection.
  • Myrrh anointing oil is considered very sacred and powerful.

Myrrh in the Bible

  • The Bible is the holy book for Christians.
  • In the Bible, myrrh is mentioned as a special and valuable gift.
  • It was one of the presents given to baby Jesus by the wise men.
  • The Bible also says that myrrh was used to make holy incense and anointing oil in the ancient Jewish temple.
  • This shows that myrrh has been an important part of worshipping God for a very long time.
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Honoring the Divine Feminine with Myrrh

Myrrh has a special connection to the divine feminine. The divine feminine is the idea that God or the sacred has a female aspect or energy.

Myrrh and Goddess Energy

  • Many ancient cultures worshipped goddesses, which are female divine beings.
  • Myrrh was often used in ceremonies and offerings to these goddesses.
  • People believed that the sweet, earthy smell of myrrh was pleasing to the goddesses.
  • They also thought that myrrh could help them connect with the loving, nurturing energy of the divine feminine.
  • Using myrrh was a way to honor and celebrate this sacred feminine power.

Myrrh and Isis

  • Isis was one of the most important goddesses in ancient Egypt.
  • She was seen as a loving mother and a powerful healer.
  • Myrrh was one of the sacred substances associated with Isis.
  • It was used in her temples and in ceremonies to honor her.
  • People believed that myrrh could help them connect with Isis’s motherly love and healing magic.

Myrrh and Mary

  • In Christianity, Mary is the mother of Jesus and is revered as a holy figure.
  • Some Christians see Mary as a representation of the divine feminine within their faith.
  • Myrrh is associated with Mary in several ways.
  • It was one of the gifts given to baby Jesus, and it was also used to anoint Jesus’ body after he died.
  • Some people use myrrh to honor Mary and to connect with her gentle, loving presence.

Connecting to the Great Mother

  • For many people, the divine feminine is like a Great Mother who loves and cares for all her children.
  • Using myrrh in spiritual practice can help people feel closer to this motherly divine presence.
  • The warm, comforting smell of myrrh can feel like being embraced by a loving mother.
  • It can help people feel safe, nurtured, and connected to the source of all life.
  • In this way, myrrh can be a powerful tool for honoring and experiencing the divine feminine.


In conclusion, myrrh is a truly remarkable substance with a rich history of spiritual use. From its ancient origins in Egypt and the Middle East to its modern-day applications in meditation, emotional healing, and religious ceremonies, myrrh has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting with the divine.

Throughout this article, we have explored the many ways in which myrrh can benefit our spiritual lives. We have seen how its sweet, earthy aroma can help calm the mind and create a peaceful atmosphere for meditation and prayer. We have learned how its essential oil can help release emotional blockages and promote self-love and acceptance.

We have also discovered myrrh’s connection to the chakra system, particularly the heart and solar plexus chakras, and how it can help balance these energy centers for greater spiritual well-being. Additionally, we have explored myrrh’s use in spiritual protection and cleansing, as well as its role in religious rites and ceremonies.

Finally, we have touched upon myrrh’s special relationship with the divine feminine, and how it can help us connect with the nurturing, loving energy of the Great Mother.

In essence, myrrh is a versatile and potent spiritual ally. Whether used in meditation, prayer, emotional healing, energy work, or religious devotion, this ancient resin has the power to elevate our spiritual practices and bring us closer to the divine.

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